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EREC2013 offers you the vibrant networking opportunities you are looking for to build your company profile, to gain firsthand knowledge from key policy makers and to discover new business opportunities.

will feature:
  • the need for and the opportunities of growth, jobs and innovation for Europe accomplished through investment in the renewable energy sector;
  • the question whether Europe is on track regarding its 2020 ambitions;
  • the role of an ambitious 2030 policy framework in providing stability and predictability to investors.
EREC2013 will attract some 500 stakeholders from a broad range of backgrounds:
  • EU institutions and permanent representations to the EU
  • National governments and local administrations
  • Energy agencies
  • Energy regulators and companies
  • Utilities and DSOs/TSOs
  • Research and academic institutes
  • NGOs and consumer groups
  • Consultancies
  • Financial institutions and the insurance sector

Your support to EREC2013

EREC2013 depends on your support. There are several ways how you can contribute:
  • As a sponsor you can support EREC2013 financially and raise the visibility of your company in a high-level environment. For more information, have a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities.

  • Add our web banner to your company's website and raise awareness of the event:

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