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"The energy sector faces far-reaching decisions at the European level, at national level, in the financial industry and the energy sector. And it is clear there is no sector of our society, which needs such long-term planning security as the energy sector. As I put it – 2020 was yesterday and 2030 is already at the door steps. It is therefore indispensable to create a stable and predictable regulatory framework for 2030 already today.
EREC 2013 is an excellent opportunity for exchange and interaction between industry, research and policy, right at the heart of European decision making. Let’s use this major event to openly discuss how a post-2020 framework can simultaneously ensure our overarching goals, which are energy security, sustainability and competitiveness."
Günther Oettinger - European Commissioner for Energy

"Europe's dependence on foreign fossil fuels is growing every year. That means more expensive and unaffordable energy bills for Europeans. This is not very wise. It's obviously not wise for the climate, but it's also not wise for our economy and our competitiveness. That is why we have decided that in Europe we want a low-carbon society for 2050. We have targets for 2020, but for most investors 2020 is around the corner.
EREC 2013 is well timed to discuss what is needed in times of austerity to achieving 2020, but as well the cornerstones for the next 17 years. It's time to define the targets for 2030. The sooner we do that, the more certainty we get to our companies and our investors. And the more ambitious these targets are, the better for the climate."
Connie Hedegaard - European Commissioner for Climate Action

Join EREC2013, Europe´s leading Renewable Energy Policy Conference, which will be be held in Brussels on 28 November 2013.

The biennial policy conference,
organised by EREC (European Renewable Energy Council), has grown ever since its first edition in 2004 and has become Europe´s major occasion for exchange and interaction between industry, research and policy.

European and national policy makers, industry leaders and research experts will meet at the heart of European decision making to discuss market trends, legislative developments as well as future energy strategies.

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